1) Form of appln. for registration of trust PDF(7KB)
3) Inquiry u.s 28 of the B.P.T.Act, 1950 PDF(14KB)
4) Instructions in respect of Forms Nos. 1 to 4 vide Circular No. 3 PDF(8KB)
5) Instructions for maintenance of Roznama PDF(9KB)
8) Registration of Societies registered under the S. R. Act, 1860 PDF(10KB)
9) Application for Registration - Delay in furnishing particulars in, and documents to be annex PDF(9KB)
10) Reports of changes in the particulars of public trusts PDF(9KB)
11) Designations of proceedings before the Charity Commissioner PDF(8KB)
12) Designations of proceedings before the Regional Dy.C.Cs. or A.C.Cs PDF(9KB)
14) Application u.s 19 of the B.P.T.Act, 1950, by a person having interest in a public trust PDF(9KB)
15) Delay in final disposal of application and other references avoidance of- PDF(7KB)
16) Costs incurred on Assessors and parties PDF(8KB)
19) Official language. English translation of documents etc. PDF(9KB)
20) Inspectors-Exercise of powers u.s. 37(a) and (b) of the BPT Act,1950 PDF(9KB)
21) Maintenance of the Register of Public Trusts--Language PDF(7KB)
23) Recognised agent through whom a party may appear in inquiry under the BPT Act
25) Mode of Valuation Immovable Property, viz., temples. PDF(9KB)
26) Applications for registration. Disposal and Monthly Return of ... PDF(10KB)
27) Certificate of Registration of a public trust. Date of... PDF(9KB)
28) Register of Public Trusts in Regional Offices. Copies of... PDF(8KB)
30) B.P.T.Act, 1950 Procedure of Prosecution under... PDF(8KB)
31) Interpretation of the Provisions of the B.P.T.Act PDF(7KB)
33) The Register of Public Trusts - Information to be entered in the 'Remarks' column and verific PDF(8KB)
34) Service of Notice. In case of a society regd.under the S.R.Act, 1860. PDF(9KB)
37) Death of a trustee-applicant. Whether application abates and procedure to be followed. PDF(9KB)
38) Recovery of postal charges for copies or certified copies sent by post. PDF(9KB)
39) Branches of Societies registered under the S.R.Act, 1860 PDF(8KB)
40) The register of Public Trusts. Writing of ........ PDF(9KB)
41) Power of inspection and supervision u.s.37 of the BPT Act - Precaution to be adopted PDF(10KB)
42) Form of Notice of inquiry & letter of request to be sent to trustees PDF(21KB)
44) Procedure to be followed in PDF(10KB)
45) Substituted Services. Procedure in inquiries under the BPT Act PDF(10KB)
46) Devasthan Committees - Appointment of a member of Archaeological bias on the - PDF(8KB)
47) Transfer of a public trust from the Register of public trusts maintained by one PTR Office t PDF(8KB)
48) Consolidation of applns. for registration relating to the same trust, and Powers of Dy. or A PDF(10KB)
49) Section 54,, Collection in kind - whether constitute Dharmada PDF(7KB)
65) Can the question whether a trust exists and such trust is a public trust ... PDF(8KB)
76) Temple cases - evidence of non-devotees regarding public user - PDF(8KB)
78) Return of Documents PDF(10KB)
79) Court-fee stamp on objection filed u.R.33(2)-whether necessary PDF(8KB)
80) Inspector's report in sec. 19 inquiries - PDF(10KB)
81) Section 35 and 36 of the Bombay Public PDF(11KB)
82) Inam grants Principles of construction PDF(10KB)
84) Sanction to prosecute – procedure to be followed PDF(10KB)
85) Disposal of inquiries by Regional Officer on tour PDF(8KB)
86) Examination of witness on commission PDF(8KB)
87) Concessions under section 33 (2) PDF(9KB)
88) Supply of copies in inquiries made by Inspectors PDF(9KB)
91) Production of extracts from documents. PDF(8KB)
93) Section 37 (a) of the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950 PDF(10KB)
99) Memorandum in the prescribed form Schedule II-A PDF(17KB)
100) Equitable Mortgage u.s. 35 PDF(10KB)
101) Memorandum in the prescribed form Schedule II-A PDF(8KB)
110) Societies registered under the S.R.Act, 1860 - Registration of - under the BPT Act, 1950 PDF(14KB)
112) Suits or proceeding in which the Charity Commissioner is party PDF(8KB)
113) BPT Act, 1950 and appearance of pleader in Courts on behalf of CC MS, Bombay PDF(17KB)
114) BPT Act, 1950 and appearance of pleader in Courts on behalf of CC MS, Bombay PDF(17KB)
115) Delay in disposal of cases and prompt attendance to the members of the public. PDF(8KB)
116) Submission of a copy of the Register of public trusts maintained in each PTR Office to the PDF(9KB)
117) Inspection of entries in the PTR & other documents PDF(12KB)
118) Guidance to the Regional Officers in respect of expeditious disposal of inquiries PDF(23KB)
119) Procedure where the executor of the will is a de facto trustees or desanton PDF(8KB)
120) Finding regarding remuneration of the trustee PDF(9KB)
123) Applications received in Regional Offices under the provisions of the BPT Act, 1950 - Promp PDF(10KB)
124) Finding regarding the objects of the trusts. PDF(8KB)
133) Maintenance of Register of Change Sch. IV... PDF(8KB)
134) Verification of entries made on Public Trusts Registers. PDF(11KB)
136) Remanded cases - Speedy disposal of PDF(9KB)
140) Maintenance of Docket -Sheet with Record and Proceedings. PDF(8KB)
146) Withdrawal of application under Sections 18, 22, and 22A, and starting of suo-motu inquiry. PDF(10KB)
147) Instruction to the Regional Officer numbering of Judicial Cases and other irregularities. PDF(12KB)
148) Appointment of trustees. Collection of the particulars of.. PDF(12KB)
149) Maintenance of register for prosecutions cases. PDF(12KB)
151) Verification of entries in the Register of Public Trust. PDF(10KB)
153) Disposal of Judicial Cases. PDF(8KB)
154) Instruction to the Assistant Registrar of Societies inrespect of submission, According retu PDF(8KB)
156) Maintenance of Roznamas in inquiries by the inspectors.. PDF(10KB)
157) Removal of Trustees on Conviction. PDF(8KB)
158) Proposals for sanction to prosecute trustees under Section-83 of the Bombay Public Trust Ac PDF(11KB)
159) Position of Section 35 and 36 of Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950. PDF(9KB)
160) Inspection of Public Trusts by Regional Officers and inspectors. PDF(18KB)
161) Maintenance of register of the proceedings in the Regional Office. PDF(10KB)
162) Amendment in Section 9 of the BPT Act, 1950 PDF(16KB)
163) Amendment in Section 9 of the BPT Act, 1950 PDF(16KB)
164) Clarification regarding Section 35 of the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950. PDF(12KB)
168) General Instruction of keeping supervision and keeping affairs of the Public PDF(15KB)
170) Judicial Cases-Increase in the number of more than six months cases PDF(9KB)
186) Amount of Balance fee to be recovered in respect of processes served PDF(9KB)
187) Payment of copying fee to the copyist PDF(9KB)
188) Institution of the Inquiries under Section 41-B of the Bombay PDF(11KB)
192) Removal of trustees on conviction PDF(9KB)
198) egarding verification and attestation of Public Trusts Entries by Regional PDF(9KB)
202) Delegating the powers under section 41(C) PDF(59KB)
203) Cost of Process Server PDF(11KB)
205) isposal of inquires by the Inspectors of the Regional Officer and Sub-Regional Offices.PDF(9KB)
207) Inspection Branch for Charity Organisation. PDF(12KB)
213) Circular regarding giving Judgement or order within 14 days after the case is closed. PDF(7KB)
214) Circular regarding issue of N.O.C. under Urban Ceiling Act, 1976. PDF(20KB)
215) Circular regarding Supply of Certified Copies. PDF(8KB)
216) Norms of disposal of letters, applications inquiries etc., in respect of all the Branches i
217) Information for the purpose of under section 41 D of the Act. PDF(12KB)
218) Acceptance of change Reports in respect of Immovable property. PDF(9KB)
220) Report regarding financial assistance to the Trust. PDF(9KB)
223) History Sheet. PDF(8KB)
224) Proper utilization of surplus funds, idle unused ornaments and other valuable movable prope PDF(14KB)
226) Inquiry contemplated by Rule 7A of Bombay Public Trusts Rules--- Procedure. PDF(9KB)
233) Provision of Section 41C of the B.P.T.Act is not widely known to the public, therefore the PDF(9KB)
234) Issue of Notice by a Jt.C.C. to the C.C. in a Suo Motu Proceeding under Section 50A of the PDF(12KB)
235) Direction about all Judicial proceeding filed after the 9th March 1982 be sent to Jt. C. C. PDF(7KB)
241) Transfer of cases under sections 35,36, 36A (3) 8355 and complaint pertaining to Nagpur, Ak PDF(9KB)
242) Direction about DeputyAssistant Charity Commissioner while holding inquiries under Various PDF(11KB)
252) Second copy of registration certificate PDF(46KB)
253) Second copy of registration certificate PDF(46KB)
258) Recognized agent through whom a party may appear in an PDF(14KB)
265) Section 41C PDF(52KB)
267) Duplicate copy of registration certificate PDF(61KB)
273) Society registration PDF(52KB)
274) Society registration under S.R.Act, 1860 PDF(51KB)
288) Prosecution u-s 83 PDF(18KB)
292) reconstruction of Trust's R& P PDF(23KB)
297) Circular Registration proceeding be disposed as per rule 7-a of B.P.T. rules PDF(30KB)
299) P.T.Entries PDF(44KB)
300) riting of Roznama datewise PDF(50KB)
302) Time limit for delivering Judgements and disposal of judicial cases PDF(50KB)
305) Search of missing judicial cases PDF(48KB)
306) Time limit to Superintendent for forwarding the Inspectors Report to the Officers PDF(47KB)
307) Not to deal the wakf cases as per Sec. 43 of Wakf Act 1995 PDF(37KB)
308) Societies to be registered on priority basis regarding Waterworks Development undertaken by PDF(37KB)
319) Circular Direction by City Civil Court for Lit.Dept PDF(7KB)
323) Circular Directions to Jt. Dy. Acc PDF(13KB)
332) Circular copies of 2 best judgments to reach CC for review every month PDF(9KB)
337) Circular Matters u-s 36 to dealt with by Jt.C.CC.GBR. PDF(7KB)
338) Circular TDR PDF(15KB)
343) Direction to Supdt. for registration of judicial cases promptly PDF(41KB)
344) Jt.CC to submit report - with reference to circular 332 PDF(7KB)
543) About amendment in certain name of trusts PDF(2013KB)
547) Regarding objects of the trust PDF(217KB)
549) Regarding Appellate authorities Under Maharashtra Right to Public Services Act-2015 PDF(302KB)
554) Regarding mandatory description to be mentioned in the Application of Sale of Trust Property- else do not register the application PDF(1073KB)
557) Discontinuation of practice of physical appearance in PTR offices for submission of documents for Society Registration PDF(839KB)
561) Regarding keeping the register of criminal cases filed after getting approval under section 83 PDF(381KB)
572) Regarding the filing of the judicial form / petition in the prescribed manner on the blank paper PDF(2427KB)
573) Examine the nature of application / complaint / letter filed in the office (administrative or judicial) regarding their division PDF(90KB)
574) Regarding Caveat Applications PDF(370KB)
575) Instruction to Use of IPF fund before sending patient to seek help from chief minister relief fund PDF(760KB)
587) Directions regarding dispose off pending change reports PDF(262KB)
588) Regarding placing the nameplate of the trust in Marathi in the visible area PDF(225KB)