2) Duties of Subordinate Staff PDF(13KB)
6) Designation of Regional Offices PDF(7KB)
13) Publicity tours by Deputy or Assistant Charity Commissioner PDF(10KB)
17) Conduct of Regional Officers and their subordinate staff PDF(8KB)
29) Investing the Office Superintendents with certain powers, duties and functions. PDF(9KB)
32) Duties of Subordinate Staff. PDF(8KB)
90) Grant of assistance to Government servants PDF(12KB)
96) Increment. Proposals for sanctioning – to non gazetted staff PDF(10KB)
98) Office hours on Saturdays in the Mofussil Regional Offices PDF(8KB)
102) Office hours on Saturdays in the Mofussil Regional Offices PDF(8KB)
103A) Maintenance of Diaries by Inspectors
103) Monthly returns in respect of inquiries PDF(22KB)
104) Restriction on taking benefits by the employees of the Charity Organisation from Public Tru PDF(10KB)
106) Tour programmes of the Regional Offices – Submission of PDF(9KB)
107) Tour programmes of the Regional Offices – Submission of PDF(8KB)
108) Booking of Trunk Calls – Procedure of PDF(12KB)
109) Inspection of Public Trusts – Instructions regarding. PDF(26KB)
111) Preservation of records of public trusts PDF(15KB)
122) Office hours on Saturdays in the Mofussil Regional Offices under the Charity Organisation PDF(8KB)
125) Mode of addressing communications, etc., to the Charity Commissioner, Maharashtra State, Bo PDF(8KB)
126) Applications, letters, etc. - Acknowledgment of PDF(8KB)
127) Receipt, Registration and Distribution of Tapal. PDF(7KB)
128) Leave Forecast. PDF(8KB)
129) Increment of non-gazetted staff - Drawal of PDF(8KB)
137) Abstract of work sheet - correct maintenance of PDF(9KB)
139) Instruction to the followed by the Regional Offices in respect of inquiries of Inspection. PDF(9KB)
141) Instructions contained in the inspection Notes of Charity Commissioner, and Government comp PDF(9KB)
142) nquiries entrusted to the Inspectors PDF(11KB)
143) Proper maintenance of Daily diaries and Inquiry Registers by the Inspectors ... PDF(18KB)
144) Inspection of the work of the members of the staff. PDF(16KB)
145) Disposal of old judicial inquiries. PDF(10KB)
150) Manner of Dealing complaint from Charity Commissioner's Office of from Government. PDF(14KB)
155) Attendance of inspectors in the Public Trusts Sub-Regional Offices at their Head Quarters. PDF(9KB)
166) Instruction to the Inspectors about if the trustee insolvent. PDF(9KB)
167) G.P.F. Advances and Festival Advances Grant of to Government Servants PDF(9KB)
175) Work on Tour
176) Attending Parties trustees attending the office and language of letters to be PDF(9KB)
178) Instructions and Directions to the Inspectors regarding the Inquiries into PDF(13KB)
179) Joint Cadre of Clerks and Typists. PDF(8KB)
181) Office Library PDF(13KB)
182) Stationery Registers. PDF(18KB)
183) Office Library in the Head Office.. PDF(13KB)
184) Directly approached to M.L.A. or the leaders of the political parties with PDF(8KB)
185) Training facilities to the non-gazetted (Ministerial) Supervisory staff PDF(8KB)
190) Sub- Regional Offices in the Charity Commissioner PDF(30KB)
195) Work-sheet and weekly abstract of arrears. PDF(8KB)
196) Exhausting of causal leave by the staff member of the Charity Organisation PDF(9KB)
197) Delay at Superintendent’s Level PDF(8KB)
199) Charity Commissioner visit to Public Trust Registration Office, Greater PDF(12KB)
204) ircular regarding not to avail of any kind of leave without prior sanction. PDF(10KB)
206) Inwarding of Tapal PDF(9KB)
208) Co-ordination of work in Charity Commissioner's office procedure of -- PDF(8KB)
210) Circular regarding exhausting of casual leave by Staff member of the Charity Organisation. PDF(8KB)
211) Circular regarding late Muster or Attendance. PDF(8KB)
212) Regional Officers Training PDF(8KB)
219) Government Vehicles --- Proper and economic use of -- PDF(10KB)
221) Issue of acknowledgements. PDF(10KB)
227) Information regarding requisition to the Director of Accounts to the officers who are under
228) Information regarding periodical returns PDF(10KB)
229) Acknowledgement of letter modification and amendment PDF(13KB)
231) Weeding out of records for the year in the Charity Organisation. PDF(9KB)
232) Due to financial year and census proposal disposal year had to be postponed i.e. from 1st A PDF(9KB)
236) Destruction of records for the year 1982 in the Regional Offices PDF(8KB)
237) Attendance & Work in the office PDF(39KB)
238) Presentee in office PDF(51KB)
239) Instruction to StenographerSteno-typist names of all the particular PDF(8KB)
243) Official discipline PDF(51KB)
244) Circular regarding dealing with parties. PDF(8KB)
245) Regarding casual leave PDF(53KB)
246) Visit of Accounts Officer to Head Office PDF(41KB)
247) Refund of Deposit amount PDF(46KB)
249) Attendance in Office PDF(47KB)
254) Time limit regarding office working for disposal of applications PDF(53KB)
256) Tour Programme of Officers PDF(50KB)
257) Entry in Moving Register... PDF(47KB)
269) Misuse of office premises by staff for residential purpose... PDF(43KB)
272) Index Cards PDF(54KB)
276) Attendance in Office PDF(51KB)
278) Work to to be done from private printing press at the important and urgent work PDF(56KB)
279) Additional charge in leave period PDF(40KB)
280) Admission of record-documents PDF(44KB)
282) Inspection of trusts by Inspector-officer PDF(38KB)
283) Procedue for registering trust under 1860 be followed PDF(22KB)
287) regarding transfers or promotions PDF(22KB)
293) inward post from Court& PDF(28KB)
294) regarding norms PDF(20KB)
295) computer training PDF(30KB)
296) Tour Programe be intimated 15-20 days in advance to H.O. PDF(23KB)
298) Tour Program of Officers PDF(46KB)
301) Prohibition for change of work and designation PDF(37KB)
304) Misuse of office premises by staff for residential purpose... PDF(50KB)
309) Income limit for inspection by Inspectors and Officers PDF(46KB)
310) Absentee of office staff without permission PDF(47KB)
311) Issuing certified copies as per Rule 23 PDF(37KB)
312) Availing leaves with prior permission PDF(43KB)
313) Availing leaves with prior sanction PDF(42KB)
314) Disposal of suo motu 41D cases by Joint Charity Commissioners on priority basis PDF(50KB)
315) Circular Demand of Stationery be made within 15 days PDF(22KB)
316) Circular Staff to attend office at 9-45 and for 3 late one c.l. be deducted PDF(23KB)
318) Attendance in Office for Assembly PDF(42KB)
320) Circular Attendance of staff at 9.55 a.m. PDF(7KB)
321) Circular Attendance to be checked by officers PDF(7KB)
324) Circular To take entry in c.r. and necessary action against staff-officer who goes on leave o PDF(22KB)
325) Circular Movement Register be maintained properly and charge sheet be given after retirement PDF(29KB)
326) To take disclipinary action aganst those who are found talking on mobile without attending vi PDF(23KB)
327) Circular Staff to leave office at 6-00 p.m. every day an obtaion prior permission from concer PDF(23KB)
328) Circular Staff to complete pending cases on his table on every friday in 2nd session PDF(21KB)
329) Duty of Watchman PDF(49KB)
331) Circular All officers-staff to switch off the light and fans when not required PDF(19KB)
333) Circular Grievance of Advocates practicing in CC Office PDF(7KB)
334) Circular Grievance of Advocates practicing in CC Office PDF(7KB)
335) Circular withdrawn cir.no.333 PDF(7KB)
339) Circular Inspection of record and issuing xerox copies be given to concerned persons only, fa PDF(25KB)
340) Circular Pending cases of Inspectors be disposed off on priority basis and every 15 fortnight PDF(24KB)
540) अधिका-यांनी कार्यालयीन कामकाजाच्या वेळा पाळणेबाबत PDF(269KB)
541) धर्मादाय सहआयुक्तांनी निरिक्षण दौ-यावर जाणेकामी वरिष्ठांची परवानगी घेणेबाबत PDF(240KB)
548) प्रत्येक महिन्याच्या तिस-या शनिवारी 'विश्वस्त दिवस' साजरा करणे बाबत PDF(536KB)
552) अधिकाऱ्यांकरीता ड्रेसकोड PDF(305KB)
562) महाराष्ट्रातील पूरग्रस्तांना धर्मादाय रूग्णालय, संस्था/न्यासां मार्फत सर्वतोपरी मदत करणे बाबत PDF(358KB)
563) धर्मादाय संघटनेतील अधिकारी/कर्मचारी स्वतःचा, लग्नाचा वाढदिवस साजरा न करणेबाबत PDF(98KB)
564) परिपत्रक ५१८ चे शुद्धीपत्रक आदरणीय उच्च न्यायालय यांच्या आदेशान्वये PDF(324KB)
565) परिपत्रक क्र.५१५ व ५५७ यांचे अंमलबजावणी होणेबाबत PDF(42KB)
570) कार्यालयातील अधिकारी व कर्मचारी यांना दैनंदीन कामकाजात येणा-या समस्या व उपाय योजना १५ दिवसांत मा.ध.आ., मुंबई यांना सादर करणे बाबत PDF(320KB)
576) कार्यालयांनी माहिती विभागीय कार्यालयामार्फत (ध.स.आ. कार्यालय) पाठविणे बाबत PDF(48KB)
578) धर्मादाय संघटनेतील सर्व कार्यालयांमधील बायोमेट्रिक उपस्थिती प्रणाली स्थगित करणेबाबत PDF(282KB)
579) कार्यालयासाठी जागा भाड्याने घेणे अगर भाडेकरार नूतनीकरणासाठीचे प्रस्ताव PDF(697KB)
581) धर्मादाय रुग्णालयांची संकेतस्थळावर माहिती अद्यावत करणे बाबत PDF(513KB)
585) धर्मादाय रुग्णालय दुर्बल व निर्धन रूग्णासाठीच्या योजनेची अंमलबजावणी करणेबाबत PDF(222KB)
586) माहिती अधिकार अधिनियम २००५ अन्वये माहिती देणेबाबतचे मार्गदर्शन PDF(477KB)
589) मुख्यालय सोडण्यापूर्वी कार्यालय प्रमुखाची पूर्व परवानगी घेणे बाबत PDF(189KB)