7) Annual returns of public trusts with reference to the different dates of closing their accoun
18) Outstanding contributions, etc., payable under the Acts, mentioned in Schedule A of the BPT
22) Notice of Demand (Schedules XV and XV-A).
24) Clarification of gross annual income as per Schedule IX-C
35) Payment of audit fees in respect of audits under the old Acts. Procedure regarding...
36) Fixation of dates for balancing the accounts kept u.s. 32 of the BPT Act, 1950 and entering
43) Procedure for accounting payments to Assessors
50) Verification of numbers of securities lodged with Banks
51) Rule 32(3) - Procedure to be observed in estimating rent of buildings not rented out and yie
52) Donations received by a public trust and offering made to a deity - Whether liable for contr
53) Investment of Public Trust Money
54) Rule 32(3) - appln. of - to Dharmada Trusts
55) Demand Notice - Rounding up of contribution amounts while issuing -
56) Exemption from the payment of contribution of hostels, public libraries & reading rooms trus
57) Basis of Levy of Contribution, Elucidation of a case, interest on borrowed sums and circumst
58) Collection of contribution
59) Exemption from the payment of contribution of Sanatoria
60) Manner of audit. Submission of Schedules
61) Scrutiny of Schedule IX-C.
62) Refund of Income Tax whether chargeable to contribution, etc.
63) Exemption of contribution of income capitalised or added to corpus, etc.
64) Interpretation of Amendment to Rule 17
66) Whether the expression 'medical relief' in Rule 32 includes medical relief to animals
67) Section 64 of the BPT Act
68) Prosecution for failure of submission of audited accounts
69) Public Trusts governed by Schemes sanctioned by Court Procedure regarding dates of closing
71) Procedure regarding refund to registration fee in the case of a double payment and in cases
72) Assessment of contribution in respect of public trusts administered by Govt. through its off
73) Amounts set apart by businessmen annually for 'Shubhakam' Regional Officers not to insist on
74) Maintenance of the Register of Contribution in the PTR Offices
75) Period for lodging objections, if any, against assessment of contribution - Insertion of ...
77) Determination of the question whether a Goshala or a Panjrapole is a business trust. Princip
83) Circumstances under which “offerings ” are exempt from payment of contribution.
89) Assessment of contribution Dharmada Subh
92) Requisition to the Collector for recovery of sums
94) Order passed by the Regional Officers under rule
95) Adjustment to Trust Corpus
97) Submission of Accounts by Public Trusts
105) Moveable of value-showing them in accounts
121) Issue of receipt for money under the signature of accountant
130) Purchase of articles and spending of large amounts without Government sanction.
138) Accounting Returns, overdue and not submitted. Collection of information of --
165) Handing over the accounting returns to the inspectors for spot inquiries..
169) Points to be examined and action to be taken by the Scrutinizer at the time
171) Maintenance of Register of Audit Reports (Sch. X)
172) Instruction for watching the receipts
173) Receiving amounts creditable to the Public Trusts Administration Fund by
174) Maintenance of the Register of Contribution and reconciliation thereof.
177) Voucher for payments
180) Instructions for watching the receipts and disposal of statements of
189) Instructions to be observed by Regional Officers while recommending the
200) Payment of Pay and Allowances to the Staff
201) Maintenance of Registers of Deposits and Advance in the Offices of the Charity Organization
222) Exemption of payments of contribution with effect from 1st April 1977 of Rs. 5,000 or less.
225) Payment of urgent charges such as electricity bills, telephone charges, freight charges etc
230) Scrutiny of Accounting Returns and Balance Sheet
248) Objection Proceedings Under rule 33(2) of the Bombay Public Trusts Rules, 1951, Clarificati
250) Rate of Contribution
251) Rule 32 (2)
255) Exemption in contribution for education objects
259) Destruction of budget record
260) Scrutiny of audit reports
261) Scrutiny of audit reports
262) Scrutiny of audit reports
264) Fixation of dated of balancing accounts kept under
275) Refund of excess contribution
289) appointment of auditor
303) Information regarding investment of trust fund by the public trust
322) Circular Priority be given to recovery of arrears of contribution failure to which action be
330) Circular Weekly statement of encashment of chequesdrafts
504) लेखा विवरणपत्रे (हिशोबपत्रे) ऑनलाईन सादर करण्याबाबत
544) महाराष्ट्र सार्वजनिक विश्वस्तव्यवस्था नियम १९५१ च्या नियम २३ अंतर्गत अभिलेखाच्या प्रती देण्यासाठी व नियम २२ अंतर्गत अभिलेखाचे निरिक्षण देण्याकरिता कामर्यादा निश्चित करण्याबाबत
550) लेखा हिशोबपत्रके ऑनलाईन जमा करण्याची मुदत वाढविण्याबाबत
553) न्यासांनी लेखापरिक्षण अहवाल ऑनलाइन दाखल करणेकामी ३० नोव्हेंबर २०१८ पर्यंत मुदतवाढ देणे बाबत
556) न्यासांनी लेखापरिक्षण अहवाल ऑनलाइन दाखल करणेकामी ३१ डिसेंबर २०१८ पर्यंत मुदतवाढ देणे बाबत
567) सन २०१८-१९ ऑनलाइन ऑडीट रिपोर्ट दाखल करण्यास दि. ३१-१०-२०१९ पर्यंत मुदतवाढ
569) सन २०१८-१९ ऑनलाइन ऑडीट रिपोर्ट दाखल करण्यास दि. १६-११-२०१९ पर्यंत मुदतवाढ
580) हिशोबपत्रे ऑनलाईन जमा करण्याची मुदत वाढविण्याबाबत