Free and discounted rates Nyasa hospital treatment of patients weak and poor constituents

Poor patients
income limit (annual Rs 1.80 lakh)
10% reserved beds
completely free medical treatment
Weaker patients
income limit (annual Rs 3.60 lakh)
10% reserved beds
Discounted rates medical treatment
Required Documents
Ration Card
Below Poverty Line card
Certificate of annual income from tahasiladar

Take advantage of the government's plan and receive a discounted rate or completely free medical treatment

However, under Section 41 of the Act 1 9 50 c. Chancery, Mumbai, Fashion petition (piayaela). The plan approved in 3132/04 dated 1/9/2006

Appeal to public

Bombay Public Trusts Act, Section 41 50 9 1 C corporation

Guidance for Private organizations /Person / non-governmental organizations (N.G.O.) (Except Public Trustee administer other) to collect contributions for natural disaster or the various purposes.

  • It is required to obtain written permission before collecting contributions from the charity commissioner.
  • It is required to keep receipts and expense, respectively while collecting donations, Contribution.
  • If the subscription been collected is equal to or more than Rs 5000 /- then it is necessary to audit it with Chartered Accountants. The sheets must be submitted to the Charity commissioner office.
  • The amount collected be used for it's primary purpose. If amount remains the it used similar purpose. compliance should be taken note of by the same motives of other similar function should take prior permission of the Commissioner of Charity in the organization.
  • It is obligatory to follow provisions.Person who does not comply can be fined ten thousand rupees dies by the act 67 A.